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Boa Technology Inc. believes that investing in the best research and design in the business leads to the development of superior products. Our patent portfolio is extensive — all a part of our commitment to protect the innovations that set us apart.

In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the reader is hereby placed on notice of Boa Technology Incorporated's rights in the United States Patents listed on this site and associated with the following products.


Guides Platform: 

United States Patent No: 5,934,599 and 6,202,953
B1107 - Open Frame Guide-15mm
B1107P - Open Frame Guide-15mm
B1107SN - Open Frame Guide-15mm
B1108 - Open Frame Guide
B1108P - Open Frame Guide
B1108SN - Open Frame Guide
B1113.1 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B1114 - Inconspicuous Guide
B1114P - Inconspicuous Guide
B1114SN - Inconspicuous Guide
B1147 - Focus Hidden Ankle Guide
B1148 - Focus Hidden Ankle Guide
B1158 - Open Frame Guide
B1158P - Open Frame Guide
B1158SN - Open Frame Guide-70mm
B1159.1 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B1160.1 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B1161.1 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B1236 - Slipstream Guide 20mm
B1236P - Slipstream Guide 20mm-PP
B1236SN - Slipstream Guide 20mm
B1237 - Slipstream Guide 25mm
B1237P - Slipstream Guide 25mm-PP
B1237SN - Slipstream Guide 25mm
B1238 - Slipstream Guide 30mm
B1238P - Slipstream Guide 30mm-PP
B1238SN - Slipstream Guide 30mm
B1350 - Open Frame Guide
B1350P - Open Frame Eyestay Guide
B1350SN - Open Frame Guide
B1351 - Open Frame Guide
B1351P - Open Frame Eyestay Guide
B1351SN - Open Frame Guide
B1352 - Open Frame Guide
B1352P - Open Frame Eyestay Guide
B1352SN - Open Frame Guide
B1353 - Open Frame Guide
B1353P - Open Frame Eyestay Guide
B1353SN - Open Frame Guide
B1354 - Open Frame Eyestay Guide
B1354P - Open Frame Eyestay Guide
B603 - Shoe Web Guide 15mm
B604 - Shoe Web Guide 20mm
B605 - Shoe Web Guide 25mm
B606 - Shoe Web Guide 30mm
B629A - Compact Eyestay Guide
B629AP - Compact Eyestay Guide
B629ASN - Compact Eyestay Guide
B630B - Compact Eyestay Guide
B630BP - Compact Eyestay Guide
B630BSN - Compact Eyestay Guide
B631B - Compact Eyestay Guide
B631BP - Compact Eyestay Guide
B631BSN - Compact Eyestay Guide
B632B - Compact Eyestay Guide
B632BP - Compact Eyestay Guide
B632BSN - Compact Eyestay Guide
B672B - Compact Eyestay Guide
B672BP - Compact Eyestay Guide
B673B - Compact Eyestay Guide
B673BP - Compact Eyestay Guide
B674B - Compact Eyestay Guide
B674BP - Compact Eyestay Guide
B675B - Compact Eyestay Guide
B675BP - Compact Eyestay Guide
B684A - PZ Guide Loop Side
B685A - PZ Guide Cleat Side
B686A - PZ Guide Loop Side
B687A - PZ Guide Cleat Side
B717 - PZ Guide Loop Side
B718 - PZ Guide Cleat Side
B738A - Open Frame Guide 20mm
B738AP - Open Frame Guide 20mm
B739A - Open Frame Guide 25mm
B739AP - Open Frame Guide 25mm
B739ASN - Open Frame Guide 25mm
B740A - Open Frame Guide
B740AP - Open Frame Guide
B740ASN - Open Frame Guide
B741A - Open Frame Guide 35mm
B741AP - Open Frame Guide 35mm
B741ASN - Open Frame Guide 35mm
B742A - Open Frame Guide 40mm
B742AP - Open Frame Guide 40mm
B742ASN - Open Frame Guide 40mm
B743A - Open Frame Guide 50mm
B743AP - Open Frame Guide 50mm
B743ASN - Open Frame Guide 50mm
B746 - Compact Eyestay Guide
B746P - Compact Eyestay Guide
B746SN - Compact Eyestay Guide
B747 - Compact Eyestay Guide
B747P - Compact Eyestay Guide
B747SN - Compact Eyestay Guide
B800.1 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B801.1 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B802.1 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B803 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B803.1 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B804 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B804.1 - Hidden Eyestay Guide
B807 - PZ Guide
B808 - PZ Guide
B813A - Inconspicuous Guide 20mm
B813AP - Inconspicuous Guide 20mm
B813ASN - Inconspicuous Guide 20mm
B814A - Inconspicuous Guide 25mm
B814AP - Inconspicuous Guide 25mm
B824 - Low Profile Ankle Guide
B824P - Low Profile Ankle Guide
B852 - HP PZ Guide Cleat
B853 - HP PZ Guide Loop
B868 - Web Guide 15mm HP
B868P - Web Guide 15mm HP
B868SN - Web Guide 15mm HP
B869 - Web Guide 20mm HP
B869P - Web Guide 20mm HP
B869SN - Web Guide 20mm HP-SN
B870 - Web Guide 25mm HP
B870P - Web Guide 25mm HP
B870SN - Web Guide 25mm HP-SN
B871 - Web Guide 30mm HP
B871P - Web Guide 30mm HP
B871SN - Web Guide 30mm HP-SN
B872 - Web Guide 35mm HP
B872P - Web Guide 35mm HP
B872SN - Web Guide 35mm HP-SN
B882 - Compact Eyestay Guide
B882P - Compact Eyestay Guide
B955 - Releasable Eyestay Guide
B956 - Releasable Eyestay Guide
B957 - Releasable Eyestay Guide
B958 - Releasable Eyestay Guide
B990 - Slipstream Guide 16mm
B990P - Slipstream Guide 16mm-PP
B990SN - Slipstream Guide 16mm

United States Patent No: 6,424,168
Strap Reel
United States Patent No: 8,468,657 and 7,954,204 
B1190 - S2 - A
B1190_700 - S2 - A 70cm
B1190_900 - S2 - A 90cm
B1191 - S2 - B
B1191_700 - S2 - B 70cm
B1191_900 - S2 - B 90cm
B1269 - S2-S Right-30cm
B1269.WG1 - S2-S Right-30cm
B1269_300 - S2-S Right-30cm
B1269_700 - S2-S Right 70cm
B1270 - S2-S Left-30cm
B1270.WG1 - S2-S Left-30cm
B1270_300 - S2-S Left-30cm
B1270_700 - S2-S Left
B1477A - IP1 L Tongue Dial A
B1477A1 - IP1 L Tongue Dial A
B1477B - IP1 L Tongue Dial B
B1477C - IP1 L Tongue Dial C
B1478A - IP1 R Tongue-Dial A
B1478A1 - IP1 R Tongue Dial A
B1478B - IP1 R Tongue-Dial B
B1478C - IP1 R Tongue-Dial C
B1479A - IP1 L Eyestay 20mm
B1479A1 - IP1 L Eyestay 20mm
B1479B - IP1 L Eyestay 20mm
B1479C - IP1 L Eyestay 20mm
B1479C1 - IP1 L Eyestay 20mm
B1480A - IP1 R Eyestay 20mm
B1480A1 - IP1 R Eyestay 20mm
B1480B - IP1 R Eyestay 20mm
B1480C - IP1 R Eyestay 20mm
B1480C1 - IP1 R Eyestay 20mm
B1481A1 - IP1 L Eyestay 25mm
B1481B - IP1 L Eyestay 25mm
B1481C - IP1 L Eyestay 25mm
B1481C1 - IP1 L Eyestay 25mm
B1482A1 - IP1 R Eyestay 25mm
B1482B - IP1 R Eyestay 25mm
B1482C - IP1 R Eyestay 25mm
B1482C1 - IP1 R Eyestay 25mm
B1484 - S2-SV Right
B1485 - S2-SV Left
B1506A - IP1-S L-20mm Eyestay
B1506C - IP1-S L 20mm Eyestay
B1507A - IP1-S R-20mm Eyestay
B1507C - IP1-S R 20mm Eyestay
B1515A - IP1 Heel Dial A
B1515B - IP1 Heel Dial B
B1515C - IP1 Heel Dial C
B992 - S1
B992N - S1 27mm - Right
B992TL - S1-M T-Left
B993 - S1
B993N - S1 27mm - Left
B993TR - S1-M T-Right
BA1477A1 - IP1 L Tongue w/Pawl Caps
BA1478A - IP1 R Tongue w/Pawl Caps
BA1478A1 - IP1 R Tongue w/Pawl Caps
BA1479A - IP1 L Eyestay 20mm
BA1479A1 - IP1 L Eyestay 20mm
BA1480A - IP1 R Eyestay 20mm
BA1480A1 - IP1 R Eyestay 20mm
BA1481A1 - IP1 L Eyestay 25mm
BA1482A1 - IP1 R Eyestay 25mm
D180 - S1 23mm
D213 - S2 Bayonet Housing 20mm
D214 - S2 Bayonet Housing 20mm
D330 - IP1 L 20mm Eyestay
D331 - IP1 R 20mm Eyestay
D332 - IP1 Tongue L
X1190 - S2 - A - w/o Bayonet
S2 - B - w/o Bayonet
S2 - A - w/o Bayonet
United States Patent No: 8,516,662  7,591,050, and 6,289,558
B1006A - M2
B1006A1 - M2-LOF
B1006SA - M2 Shield
B1065 - M3 Tongue Small Tub
B1077 - M3 Tongue Large Tub
B1077S - M3 Tongue Large Tub
B1087.1 - M3 Tongue Shield Rev.1
B1087.1S - M3 Tongue Shield Rev.1
B1093B - M3 Rivet Dial B
B1093B.1 - M3 Rivet Dial B.1
B1109 - M3 Remote Single Pull
B1109B - M3 Remote Single Pull
B1109B.1 - M3 Remote Single Pull
B1109S - M3 Remote Single Pull
B1155A - L4 Heel v3 - 2 Piece
B1155B - L4 Heel - 2 Piece Dial B
B1155C - L4 Heel - 2 Piece
B1155D - L4 Heel - 2 Piece
B1155F - L4 Heel - 2 Piece
B1155H - L4 Heel v3 - 2 Piece
B1155H1 - L4 Heel v3 - 2 Piece
B1173 - M3 Tongue Small Flange
B1173S - M3 Tongue Small Flange
B1181 - M3 Eyestay 25mm
B1181A.1 - M3 Eyestay 25mm
B1181B.1 - M3 Eyestay 45mm
B1181S - M3 Eyestay 25mm
B1182 - M3 External Tube Ports
B1182B - M3 External Tube Ports
B1182B.1 - M3 External Tube Ports
B1242 - M3 Heel - Redwing
B1274A - L5 20mm Eyestay Dial A
B1274B - L5 20mm Eyestay
B1274B1 - L5 20mm Eyestay Dial B1
B1274D - L5 20mm Eyestay - L5 20mm Eyestay Dial D
B1274E - L5 20mm Eyestay Dial E
B1274F - L5 20mm Eyestay Dial F
B1274G - L5 20mm Eyestay Dial G
B1275A - L5 Tongue Dial A
B1275B - L5 Tongue Dial B
B1275D - L5 Tongue Dial D
B1275E - L5 Tongue Dial E
B1275F - L5 Tongue Small Flange
B1276A - L5 25mm Eyestay
B1276B - L5 25mm Eyestay
B1276B1 - L5 25mm Eyestay Dial B1
B1276D - L5 25mm Eyestay
B1276E - L5 25mm Eyestay Dial E
B1276F - L5 25mm Eyestay Dial F
B1333A_1010 - FS1 Snow Dial A
B1333A_560 - FS1 Snow Dial A
B1333A_765 - FS1 Snow Dial A
B1333A_795 - FS1 Snow Dial A
B1333A_865 - FS1 Snow Dial A - FS1 Snow Dial A-865mm
B1333A_935 - FS1 Snow Dial A - FS1 Snow Dial A-935mm
B1333A_975 - FS1 Snow Dial A
B1333A_985 - FS1 Snow Dial A
B1333B_1010 - FS1 Snow Dial B
B1333B_560 - FS1 Snow Dial B
B1333B_765 - FS1 Snow Dial B
B1333B_795 - FS1 Snow Dial B
B1333B_865 - FS1 Snow Dial B - FS1 Snow Dial B-865mm
B1333B_935 - FS1 Snow Dial B - FS1 Snow Dial B-935mm
B1333B_975 - FS1 Snow Dial B
B1333B_985 - FS1 Snow Dial B
B1365A - L4 Tongue Small Flange
B1365B - L4 Tongue Small Flange
B1365F - L4 Tongue Small Flange
B1377A - L4 Patient Compliance
B1438A - L5 Eyestay Single Lace
B1438B - L5 Eyestay Single Lace
B1438E - L5 Eyestay Single Lace
B1438F - L5 Eyestay Single Lace
B1443A_100 - FS1-S Dial A - 100cm
B1443B_100 - FS1-S Dial B - 100cm
B1445 - FS1-S Subsurface 180
B1446 - FS1-S Above Surface
B1458S - M3 Single Lace Dial S
B1462S - M3 Tongue Large Shield
B1467C - M3 Remote Large Shield
B1467S - M3 Remote Large Shield
B1483C - M3 Remote V2 Dial C
B1542 - L5 ClickFit Panel
B1543 - L4 ClickFit Panel
B519 - Series 20 Reel
B520 - Series 30 Reel
B670PA - L3 15mm Eyestay
B671PA - L3 25mm PZ
B671PB - L3 25mm PZ
B676 - Model G1/20 Reel
B719PA - L3 35mm Eyestay
B752A - M1
B752B - M1 Emblem
B752SA - M1 Shield
B752SB - M1 Emblem Shield
B818A - M1 Eyestay
B818B - M1 Eyestay Emblem
B825A - L3+ Rear Overlay
B938A - L3+ Rear Overlay Std
B938B - L3+ Emblem
B942A - L3+ Rear Core
B942B - L3+ Emblem
B967A - L3+ Eyestay 25mm
B967B - L3+ Emblem
B968A - L3+ Rear Open Lace
B968B - L3+ Emblem
B971A - L3+ Tongue
B971B - L3+ Emblem
B982A - L4 Tongue Dial A
B982A1 - L4 Tongue Dial A HOF
B982B - L4 Tongue Dial B
B982C - L4 Tongue Dial C
B982D - L4 Tongue Dial D
B982F - L4 Tongue Dial F
B983A - L4 Eyestay 20mm Dial A
B983B - L4 Eyestay 20mm-Dial B
B983C - L4 Eyestay 20mm Dial C
B983D - L4 Eyestay 20mm Dial D
B983F - L4 Eyestay 20mm Dial F
B984A - L4 Eyestay 25mm Dial A
B984B - L4 Eyestay 25mm
B984C - L4 Eyestay 25mm
B984D - L4 Eyestay 25mm
B984F - L4 Eyestay 25mm Dial F
B985A - L4 Eyestay 30mm Dial A
B985B - L4 Eyestay 30mm
B985C - L4 Eyestay 30mm
B985D - L4 Eyestay 30mm-Dial D
B985F - L4 Eyestay 30mm-Dial F
BA1077 - M3 Tongue Large Tub
BA1109 - M3 Remote Single Pull
BA1109S - M3 Remote Single Pull
BA1173 - M3 Tongue Small Flange - M3 Tongue Small Flange -
BA1181 - M3 Eyestay 25mm
BA1181B.1 - M3 Eyestay 25mm Dial B
BA1182B - M3 External Tube Ports
BA1182B.1 - M3 External Tube Ports
BA1182B1 - M3 External Tube Ports
BA1182B1.1 - M3 External Tube Ports
BA1274A - L5 20mm Eyestay Dial A
BA1274E - L5 20mm Eyestay Dial E
BA1275A - L5 Tongue Dial A
BA1276A - L5 25mm Eyestay
BA1276E - L5 25mm Eyestay Dial E
BA1365A - L4 Tongue Small Flange
BA1438A - L5 Eyestay Single Lace
BA1438B - L5 Eyestay Single Lace
BA1443A_100 - FS1-S Dial A - 100cm
BA1443B_100 - FS1-S Dial B - 100cm
BA1483C - M3 Remote V2 Dial C
BA982B - L4 Tongue Dial B
BA983A - L4 Eyestay 20mm Dial A
BA985A - L4 Eyestay 30mm Dial A
BB1173C - M3 Tongue Small Flange
BB1173S - M3 Tongue Small Flange
BB1483C - M3 Remote V2 Dial C
D205 - L4+ Tongue
D219A - L5 20mm Eyestay
D220A - L5 Eyestay Single Pull
D220B - L5 Eyestay Single Pull
D334A - L6 Dial A
D336 - L6 Bayonet Eyestay 25mm
D350 - L5 Eyestay Flange 25mm
X1087.1S - M3 Tongue Shield Rev.1

United States Patent No: 8,516,662  7,591,050 
 6,289,558  7,992,261  
B1007B - M2 Coiler
B1007SB - M2 Coiler
B1226.1 - H3
B1226.1D - H3
B1226.2 - H3+
B1226.2B - H3+ Dial B
B1226.2D - H3+ Dial D
B1227 - H3 Coiler
B1227.1 - H3 Coiler
B1227.2 - H3+ Coiler
B1227.2C - H3+ Coiler
B1228.2 - H3+ Remote
B1228.2D - H3+ Remote
B1413 - M2 Coiler Remote
B1464 - H3 Coiler Shield
B1465 - H3 Remote Shield
B521 - Coiler Reel
B594B - CBR Reel
B678A - CBR Coiler
B778B - H2 Emblem
B778C - H2 R
B779B - H2 Coiler Emblem
B779C - H2 R Coiler
B887 - Coiler Reel w/20 Knob
B941 - Series 40 Coiler Rental
BA1226.2 - H3+ w/ SL Spool
D210 - H3
X1226.2 - H3+ Reel Only
X1227.2 - H3+ Coiler Reel Only
XA1227.1 - H3 Coiler Reel Only
XA1227.2 - H3+ Coiler Reel Only

United State Patent No: 8,091,182
L4 Heel Bayonet